Why Don’t We Like Our Bodies?

Welcome to Episode 6 of #TheOutspoken, the podcast where you the listener takes charge and decides the things that we really need to talk about.

In this episode it’s all about body positivity (or lack of it).

Outspoken Community member Jennifer Brown got in touch to talk about the way that she is judged both for putting on weight and wanting to lose it and that she is tired of having to worry about how others will judge her every time that she makes a decision about her body. We talk this

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I’m also joined by the amazing Brie Read who is the founder of Snag Tights, a company that makes tights for all shapes and sizes. She voices her opinions on what an unhealthy space the high street can be with its size systems and lack of choice for all bodies. We also chat through how we can feel confident just the way we are and why the whole narrative around our bodies needs to change.

I also go through the results from our poll where you told me that almost 70% of you aren’t happy with your bodies.

This is an eye opening episode and I think is just the start of the conversation!

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