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The Astrology of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom’s longest-reigning monarch, passed to spirit at the age of 96 at 3.30am on Friday 9th September, 2022 in Hobart, where I live. The announcement from Buckingham Palace came on Thursday 8th September at 6.30pm.

Elizabeth Rainbow Portrait 300x249 - Vale Queen Elizabeth IIBBC Rainbow 300x265 - Vale Queen Elizabeth II

Two Rainbows, Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II

On Thursday 8th September 2022 – a double rainbow appeared at Buckingham Palace. Perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised; not only was she a devout Christian, she was also an honorary Druid mystic. In this astrological obituary for Her Majesty the Queen, I’ll look more at the phenomena surrounding her passing. It includes an earthquake in Australia and a meteor across the United Kingdom.

A second rainbow appeared on Sunday 18th September, the day before Her Majesty’s funeral, reported by the BBC’s Alex Doherty on Twitter.

This is where the mystery surrounding The Queen increases. The portrait shown above is ‘The Rainbow Portrait’ of Queen Elizabeth I. She holds the rainbow in her left hand. The Latin inscription reads ‘NON SINE SOLE IRIS’ which means ‘No rainbow without a sun.’

Time and the Passing of Time

Of all the many magazine covers now paying tribute to Her Majesty, my favourite is on Time, shown above.

I also really like this viral Twitter photograph of the BBC tribute, below. Look carefully and you will see Taurus the Bull with his horns in silhouette underneath Her Majesty’s face. The BBC guard is wearing Paddington Bear’s yellow raincoat.

The Queen was a monarch for the times and Time – no matter if she was accepting honorary Druid status in 1946;  leading post-war Britain through the 1950’s or taking tea with Paddington Bear in the 21st century.

There was and is something quite mystical about her though. That’s not usually discussed but we’re seeing it now.

Taurus bull BBC 1 - Vale Queen Elizabeth II

How I Predicted July 20th-September 29th 2022 for Her Majesty

I’ve been asked if I predicted her death. Astrology cannot predict death. Of course not. And nor should it.

I did publish this during The Leo Weather event I ran on July 5th 2022, about the Leo cycle until September 29th 2022.

“A Leo preoccupation, for better or worse; is the heirs to the kingdom. The line of succession to the throne and any pretenders to the throne. 

For reasons we’ll discuss at The Leo Weather, this period, July 20th until September 29th, 2022, is of crucial important to Prince Andrew, Her Majesty the Queen, the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge. The lions and the cubs.”

If you were there you will remember me talking about a coronation. If you are a Premium Member then you have access to the complete story and you can still read the forecast here.

HRH 228x300 - Vale Queen Elizabeth II
The Queen in Astrology

The Astrology Chart For Elizabeth II

Her Majesty the Queen  has the South Node at 20 Capricorn in conjunction with her Ascendant at 21 Capricorn.

Her North Node at 20 Cancer is in conjunction with her Descendant at 20 Cancer.

We  find Salacia at 23 Scorpio in conjunction with Saturn at 24 Scorpio in The Queen’s chart.

These are the two big placements in her modern astrology chart, which describe who she was and what happened to her.

All those signs loom large in what happens next. Kate, the Princess of Wales, is a Capricorn. William, the Prince of Wales, is a Cancer. Camilla, Queen Consort, is a Cancer. Charles III is a Scorpio.

From this we can tell what happens next. The future of the monarchy. This is an homage to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, though, and this is a long period of mourning for all the Elizabethans. The future? That’s for another day.


unnamed 3 - Vale Queen Elizabeth II
Astrology Chart for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (Astrogold).

Leo Weather and Leo Legacy

If you attended our special event in July, The Leo Weather, you would have heard me talking about why the period July 20th to September 29th, 2022 was so important for coronations. It now turns out the coronation will be for a new king. This is the  full July 5th 2022 feature for Premium Members, which accompanied the Zoom event. You can read it here. 

ER II - Vale Queen Elizabeth II

New Coronation – God Save the King

As I wrote back on 5th July (above) “You are always subject to a new coronation during Leo weather if you have Leo factors. A new title or role.”

Natural Phenomena and Her Majesty the Queen

Apart from the rainbows we saw – a heavenly hint about the two Elizabeths – there was other amazing natural phenomena during Her Majesty’s lying-in-state.

Meteor 300x162 - Vale Queen Elizabeth IIA fireball or meteor followed the path of the cortege from Scotland and Ireland to London and was filmed and photographed by many people. Maps of the meteor and images were viral across Twitter. This image (left) came from the excellent American Meteor Society.

Then, at Port Philip in Australia (note the name) an earthquake shook church services on Sunday 18th September, the day before the funeral.

The incredible thing about the meteor, which resembled a fireball with a long tail, is that it echoed 684AD and Halley’s Comet. An outbreak of the Black Death took place. When the comet reappeared in 1066 AD, Harold II, King of England, fought William I and died. William took the throne.

Strange But True – Earthquakes and Meteors

Sunday 18 Sep Earthquake Port Philip Australia - Vale Queen Elizabeth II

COMET 1066 CHART 1 - Vale Queen Elizabeth II

PARENTS DRUIDS 300x203 - Vale Queen Elizabeth IICeres in Leo and Royal Druids

It is interesting to see Ceres at 14 Leo in The Queen’s natal chart. It forms a quincunx to Venus at 13 Pisces. That’s quite mystical so perhaps we should not be surprised at these portents.

I think that’s a strong statement about the late monarch’s reign as Honorary Ovate of the Gorsedd of Bards in Wales (welcomed by Archdruid Crwys Williams on 6th August 1946).  It was part of royal tradition. Her parents had been renamed Albert and Betsi (Royal Bards) when initiated into the Gorsedd. Her mother was also a Sun Leo.

This still is from a YouTube clip of the future King and Queen Mother’s day with the Druids. This photograph of His Royal Highness, Duke of Edinburgh is from a biography online at the BBC posted before he passed on. Her Majesty the Queen was honoured at a stone circle. This is all a long way from the Christian church but it’s important.

Screen Shot 2022 09 10 at 8.56.28 pm - Vale Queen Elizabeth II


STONE CIRCLE Jeff Morgan Alamy scaled - Vale Queen Elizabeth II
Jeff Morgan/ALAMY:  National Eisteddfod Gorsedd stone circle dating from 1905 in Dyffryn Wood at Mountain Ash South Wales , where Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was proclaimed an Honorary Ovate by the 1946 Archdruid.

The Stone Circle Where Princess Elizabeth Was Met by Druids

The stone circle you see here dates from 1905 and is in Dyffryn Wood Park, Glamorgan. This was the National Eisteddfod of 1946. The Queen’s parents, then the Duke and Duchess of York, had been honoured in a similar ceremony in 1926.

Here you see Princess Elizabeth, as she was then, showing both the Leo and Pisces aspects of her personal birth chart. Leo Queen. Pisces Mystic. She was foremost a Christian but from an astrologer’s point of view, an Ovate too. Twitter is the best place to go for these early 20th century viral photographs. This is probably a still from a 1946 news clip.

Twitter viral - Vale Queen Elizabeth II

The Druid Ovate – Elizabeth II

Modern Druids in the British Isles tell us that an Ovate is psychic; mystical. This is a highly unusual example of Venus in Pisces but it’s also just what we might expect, as astrologers looking at that chart. This definition of an Ovate is from the official Druid website in the United Kingdom.

WHAT IS AN OVATE - Vale Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen as a Phenomenon

We will not see her like again. She was the monarch when my grandfather Basil Adams received his O.B.E. at Buckingham Palace and Elizabeth II was also on the throne when my goddaughter Phoebe received her Duke of Edinburgh award. Her Majesty touched every family one way or another. She likely has affected yours too.

QUEEN CLOUD 300x223 - Vale Queen Elizabeth II I think that’s why we feel as if a stone circle of some kind has shifted in September 2022. Someone has moved the ancient Druid monument.

Our Queen was literally phenomenal. After she left us, British mother Leanne Bethell photographed this cloud formation in Telford, as The Independent reported. In rainbows or in clouds, in meteors or earthquakes, she’s left signs and portents all over the world.

The Queen was renamed Elizabeth O’Windsor when she placed her hands in those of Archdruid Crwys. She was known by many names. It was always the same rock that we leaned on, though. Vale Elizabeth II!

YouTube Clip/Unknown Sources/Twitter @Independent 

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