Tooth Whitening The Healthy Way

In this episode in partnership with toothpaste brand LA Pacific I get to meet a woman who is making it her mission to revolutionise the toothcare industry. Entrepreneur and all round superwoman Hannah Moore found out the hard way how bad tooth whitening kits and products can be. After using them in her teens she was left with sensitive teeth and compromised enamel.

Years later and after an illness that led her to completely re-evaluate her health, she joined forces with a dental scientist and

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During the episode we chat about Hannah’s “aha” moment, why she is so passionate about the health of our teeth and a bit about the science behind her brand. After that, two of the Outspoken Panellists, Michelle and Kirsty, give their honest views on the toothpaste and what it is doing for their teeth.

I loved getting to know Hannah and her brand. She is an example of a truly passionate and authentic small business owner who is making a change in a huge and somewhat overwhelming industry.

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