Toff on Skin Confidence and Being a Skindividual

In this special bonus episode with Dermalogica, the lovely Georgia Toffolo joins me almost a year after our first episode to talk about how her journey to skin confidence is going.

If you heard our first episode together, Toff talked openly about how her acne has not only been physically painful but has also had an effect on her mental health. Slowly though she has come to terms with it and when we last spoke, she had gone makeup free on national TV which was a huge challenge for her at

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She’s in an amazing place now and her confidence levels have gone through the roof. She is one of the faces of a groundbreaking new Dermalogica campaign where she goes totally makeup free once again and talks openly and honestly about her journey to feeling happy in her skin.

In this episode we talk about why the Dermalogica Campaign is so special and groundbreaking, how Toff now feels happy to show people her acne scars and why healthy, glowy skin with texture is something we should all embrace. Forget flawless and so called perfect skin….now it’s all about loving the skin you’re in and being a true Skindividual!

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