The Power of Silver in Skincare (Outspoken Beauty X Curate)

* This episode is in partnership with Curate Beauty. Together we’re aiming to help put small, independent brands on the map*

In this episode I meet entrepreneur and mother of 4 Joy Isaacs. Joy has been fascinated by the power of colloidal silver since she was a child and after suffering with an infected wound that was treated with the help of dressings containing silver, she decided it was time to create a skincare brand that harnessed its power. (It not only has great healing properties but

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After a great deal of work and research Joy founded Argentum, a luxury skincare brand that is unlike any I have ever come across. It’s part really great science, part unexpected quirkiness (which I love) and part pure luxury.

During the episode we hear Joy’s fascinating story and get to know what it takes to build a luxury skincare brand that stands out from the rest. We also hear from the Outspoken Beauty Panellists who have been trying the Argentum Potion Infinie for more than a month. They give their honest thoughts on the product and brand itself. (To be a part of the panel please DM me on Insta @Outspokenbeautynicola).

I hope you enjoy getting to know Joy and Argentum as much as I have xx

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