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Predictions About Harry From 2017

Way back on 17th July 2017, I published some predictions about the Royal Family and Prince Harry. If you missed the original astrology forecast about Harry and William, you can find it here. 

 True Royal Predictions, New Royal Predictions

Some of this has come to pass: “A complete split is possible between the male heirs in the United Kingdom.” What interests me most is the way Harry’s autobiography Spare has set up the second prediction. He has published an account of Charles III joking about allegations that Harry’s father was a different man.

Harry’s book is not the end of this drama. There will be more bombshells. All this comes way back, from the astrology of July 2017.  You have to remember Harry and Meghan did not even become engaged until November 2017.

I work as a psychic as well as an astrologer. The number of times the phrase ‘heir and spare’ came to me when I published this six years ago was extraordinary. Spare, of course, is the title of Harry’s book, published next week.

I believe the line of succession will be the key to everything that is about to happen, peaking in March 2023, two months before the coronation of Charles III is supposed to happen.

History is repeating here as the crisis over succession with Henry VIII also happened with Pluto in Aquarius (arriving in March).

Here are those four extracts from the original 2017 astrology prediction about the Royal Family. Hindsight is interesting.

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The Astrology Chart of Prince Harry

Ahead of his autobiography Spare, Prince Harry has an interview on 60 Minutes and soundbites about his father and brother all over the internet. What does the horoscope say about Diana’s younger son? He arrived on 15th September 1984 at 4.20pm in London with stelliums in Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio. The astrology of Prince Harry shows someone who would be a philanthropist and businessman, were he not born into royalty. In this regard he is much like his father and he has his mother’s need to give. (Chart courtesy of Penny Norton.)

Prince harry horoscope chart te 220926 c0e1c1 300x201 - The Astrology of Prince Harry

The Money Man

He has inherited the Scorpio side of his nature from Charles III who was of course born with the Sun in Scorpio – and the Taurus side of his nature from Her Majesty the Queen. All his life he will be fixated on money, charity, business and property. It’s who he is – and what he does. He is a Money Man. Not an army captain.

Shocks and the Family Inheritance

Harry has his IC (Immum Coeli) at 17 Taurus and this period in his life is about shocks and the family inheritance, tremendous financial upheaval and new freedom and independence. The Prince Harry astrology chart shows historic disruption but also great exhilaration about being free from The Firm.

It began happening when Uranus moved to 17 Taurus on June 15th 2022-July 7th 2022; October 13th-November 7th 2022. The final pass of this electrical storm which turns everything upside-down is April 6th-23rd 2023.

So, you might think ‘Megxit’ was the end of it all, financially, but there is more to come – and it’s about inheritances.

The Queen’s Will

The public is not allowed to know the contents of  the will made by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II but it probably left Harry’s jaw on the floor. There is more to this than just family money though. This is about his ancestors and his inheritance over generations. Uranus in Taurus has liberated Harry from inherited wealth earned through colonisation and slavery.

His chart is fascinating in this regard. For as much as Taurus is about business, charity, money and property, it is also about values. What you will and will not sell your soul for. Who or what is so valuable, it is priceless to you.

Harry will make or save a fortune when Jupiter in Taurus goes to 17, 21, 25, 29 – so very quickly, in April-May 2024. He is already wealthier but could become even more so, if he takes the opportunity given to him then.

Harry, Meghan and Archie

Harry famously said ‘the stars were aligned’ about his meeting with Meghan Markle, the actress. As an astrologer I was immediately curious about the date of the meeting, and the circumstances. The details of the meeting story have since changed. We don’t know why. The astrology of Prince Harry does show a string of eclipses (cover-ups) in Leo, the royal sign, but also Meghan’s sign.

It is one of two great mysteries about Meghan and Harry. It’s right up there with the Canadian home, owned by a Russian oligarch, and the recently purchased home, also with Russian connections.

The other mystery took place on January 14th 2019 in Birkenhead. This is when these two photographs (below) were taken. Meghan and Harry were visiting the Tomorrow’s Women Wirral Charity and Hamilton Square.

Photographs of a Pregnancy

This day, January 14th 2019,  was when Meghan showed the world’s press pack she was expecting the baby who would be born as Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor on May 6th 2019, so four months later. This is the famous ‘Now you see, now you don’t’ sequence of photographs. And we’re not talking about the handbag.

Was this a Moonbump? My friend Sarah Vine at the Daily Mail thinks so. And if so, was Archie the result of a surrogate mother, or even a secret adoption?  Getty Images produced the first photograph, Alamy the second. I’ll be chatting to Sarah and Imogen Edwards-Jones on their podcast at the Daily Mail this week. Reuters fact-checked and declared ‘No evidence.’

If no evidence, then why did photographers and/or editors deliberately choose two angles (or even worst case scenario, a design program) to show a pregnancy in two wildly different stages? Again, the eclipse is a factor here. We’ll never know. Was this set up to generate rumours? If so, Meghan was left in the dark about the camera angles or photoshop work, which is also typical of an eclipse.

Karwai Tang Getty Images Meghan in Birkenhead - The Astrology of Prince Harry
Karwai Tang/Getty













The Leo Eclipses

Leo is of course the sign of royalty. It is also Meghan’s Sun sign. Leo also rules ‘heirs, spares and pretenders’ to the throne. The Eclipse fell at 0 Leo shortly after these peculiar photographs were taken – and was exactly square Harry’s Pluto at 0 Scorpio. The Full Moon Eclipse in Leo on January 21st 2019, happened a week later. I will be really curious to see if Prince Harry talks about January 14th 2019 in his new autobiography Spare. But more particularly, January 21st, one week later. Then again, the whole point of an eclipse is the cover-up.

The Drama of March 2023

Close to March 24th, 2023, Pluto will move to 0 Aquarius for the first time in around 248 years. Pluto will immediately square Harry’s own Pluto at 0 Scorpio. Again, we are back to his inheritance from Diana; his inheritance from his father and The Queen; his own will, made out to Archie in particular, who was the bump we saw a week before the eclipse.

This is a change in the balance of power and a deep shift in the controls, not only with his family, but with Meghan. So, after the release of Spare, comes a second chapter in Harry’s life, even though the book is finished and published. It’s historic. The astrology of Prince Harry clearly shows March is a crossroads. The line of succession is in the frame, just was it was when Pluto in Aquarius was there in the reign of Henry VIII.

The Joy of Family in 2023

Prince Harry was born with Cupido at 18 Cancer, his mother’s sign, in the Fourth House of family and property. His IC at 17 Taurus and MC at 17 Scorpio form a stunning pattern to Cupido, a symbol of ‘being in love with’ but also ‘being loved for.’

The year 2023 brings terrific aspects to that pattern at 17-18 degrees as Uranus passes through in April. There is a tremendous feeling of freedom, space, liberation and excitement for Harry and his partner, and his two children. This is the renovation for a dream home, or a relocation to a new home. His chart suggests that this is the fantasy that fuels it all.


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