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The Total Eclipse on 8th November

The total eclipse of the moon falls on Election Day in America on Tuesday, November 8th 2022. I’ve already filed my predictions about the Midterms, back in May. This election will be about abortion. It will also be about Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. There will be a cover-up. The Sun is in Scorpio and the Moon is in Taurus. Scorpio rules sex, death, property and money. It is the sign to associate with the mortgage industry and the banking sector.

This is the first Election Day total lunar eclipse in American history, not set to happen again until November 8th 2394. It will be months, perhaps years, later, that we keep on returning to this date to try and pinpoint exactly what happened. And why. This 8th November eclipse is huge in astrology.

Scorpio istock 300x290 - The 8th November EclipseHow Are You Affected?

In this feature I will look at the life department to avoid, in terms of judgements or action plans. Why? Because you will be in the dark. You would be taking a leap in the dark, if you went ahead, making decisions about that life department.

If you have Taurus and/or Scorpio factors in your natal chart, then the blind spot – perhaps someone is keeping something dark – is financial. It concerns your tax return; insurance; shares; business; charity; house; apartment; shopping; sales.

Eclipses, Charles and Diana

The whole world will be hoodwinked on Tuesday November 8th 2022. We were all fooled in 1981, when two eclipses fell. Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer on Wednesday 29th July 1981. The first eclipse took place on Friday 17th July. The second one occurred on Friday 31st July. Nobody knew Charles was in love with Camilla Parker-Bowles, in the congregation.

Princess Diana was unlawfully killed near an eclipse. She passed on 31st August 1997. The eclipse took place on 2nd September. This 8th November eclipse reminds us: astrology can be dark.

jfk - The 8th November EclipsePresident John F. Kennedy and Eclipses

It helps to look at the degrees and signs involved with eclipses to narrow down prediction. So, when judging the 8th November eclipse, the natal charts of anyone in the frame, are crucial.

When Lee Harvey Oswald was allegedly fired from his last job on July 19th 1963, before Dallas, Texas – at the Reilly Coffee Company in New Orleans – the total eclipse the following day saw the Sun and Moon at 27 Cancer.

His alleged victim, President John F. Kennedy was born on 29th May 1917 at 3.00pm in Brookline, Massachusetts with Saturn at 27 Cancer. 

The Total Lunar Eclipse at 16 Scorpio-16 Taurus

Eclipses obscure the truth. This one will be about the global economy, as it falls in the currency and sharemarket signs of Scorpio and Taurus. There are two charts for Wall Street and both of them show us all left in the dark on 8th November 2022.

This is one chart, which I prefer, showing MC 16 Aries, IC 16 Libra, South Node 15 Aries, North Node 15 Libra, Ceres 16 Leo.
The Tuesday November 8th eclipse finds the Sun at 16 Scorpio and Moon at 16 Taurus. Full Moon, full cover-up.

A commonly preferred chart for the New York Stock Exchange set for 17th May 1792 at 12.00 LMT in New York, shows Uranus at 15 Leo and Chiron at 15 Cancer. Amazingly, two completely different horoscopes for the NYSE show the same line-up. The 8th November eclipse, in astrology, is really about sharemarket blind spots.

Jack Dorsey Elon Musk 238x300 - The 8th November EclipseElon Musk, Jack Dorsey and Twitter

We can expect the same result for Dorsey and Musk on this 8th November eclipse. The facts will be obscured. It will involve Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey. Musk was born with the South Node at 15 Leo and North Node at 15 Aquarius. Dorsey was born with Saturn at 16 Leo. They will be hoodwinked, as much as we are hoodwinked.

Like bats, beetles, moles or owls, their astrological charts suggest Musk and Dorsey will be fumbling on the eclipse, unable to see what is under their noses.

Your Blind Spot and What Not To Do

Eclipses always generate questions about “What should I watch out for?” and “What will happen to me?” The whole point is, you won’t know and won’t see. If the eclipse falls on the same degree and zodiac sign as something in your chart – so, 16 Taurus and/or 16 Scorpio – just avoid that day for judgements, and allow a day either side, for the world to catch up. Particularly if the judgements involve finance or property.

smartmockups l9t8slpq 300x200 - The 8th November EclipseSun Signs as a General Eclipse Guide

Aries and Libra find this eclipse quite specifically about money, houses and apartments, so avoid that day for (say) buying a home or naming a charity in your will. Taurus will find it is about a duet or duel. The 8th November eclipse for Taurus may be about her husband.

Gemini has this in her work and health zone. Cancer has it in the zone of courtship, heirs and spares. Leo has it in the home, household, family, town and country zone.

Virgo has it in her zone of siblings and cousins. Scorpio has it in her zone of title, image and reputation. Sagittarius has it in her zone of religion, therapy and psychics. Capricorn has it in her zone of friends and groups. Aquarius, in her zone of career, academic career and unpaid vocation. Pisces, in her zone of foreigners, publishing, academia and the web.

If you are a Premium Member, you can find out more in my new book, Modern Astrology 2050,  If you have stelliums in Taurus and/or Scorpio, it will explain in more personal detail what/who the eclipse will conceal.

The Dark Side of the Moon

I’ve mentioned the life areas (above) for your Sun Sign, most likely to keep you in the dark. We should also look at the Moon herself in Taurus, opposite the Sun in Scorpio. Those life areas, too, will find the true story, or real story, overshadowed by someone/something taking your attention. The diversion or distraction takes your eyes away from the bigger truth. Again, this is a reason not to act or judge, on the day of the November 8th Eclipse.

Aries and Libra: banking and business; Taurus: profile, portrait, reputation and image; Gemini: psychics, psychology, religion and spirituality; Cancer: friend and groups; Leo: career, unpaid work and academic career; Virgo: publishing, the web, foreigners and academia; Scorpio: duets and duels; Sagittarius: workload and wellbeing; Capricorn: heirs, spares and courtship; Aquarius: household, home, home town, apartment, family; Pisces: siblings, neighbours, local travel, media, web.

The Double Cover-Up Sequence

Was Lee Harvey Oswald telling the truth when he claimed to be ‘a patsy’ before being murdered, days after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated? We will never know.

Eclipses count, by degree and sign. Just tracking transits across that degree and/or sign, particularly with rare cycles, shows you a double cover-up. The Solar Eclipse of July 20th 1963 saw the Sun and Moon at 27 Cancer. Oswald left his job.

On 22nd November 1963, Kennedy was killed. The Sun was at 28 Scorpio. One degree off the July eclipse. The United States chart shows Vesta at 26 Aquarius and Juno at 28 Libra. Again, just one degree off.

On September 24th 1964 the enquiry into the assassination, The Warren Commission, was handed to President Johnson. The North Node was at 27 Gemini; the South Node was at 27 Sagittarius; Ceres was at 27 Sagittarius, Jupiter was at 26 Taurus.

Our 8th November eclipse will have the greatest impact on sharemarkets, or with digital currency, when Uranus goes to 16 Taurus from 15th March until 5th April 2023. That is when the world will look back to the US Midterms of 8th November and really see that eclipse wool-pull.

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