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[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I wrote about this brand earlier in the year because it was my converter brand to teas that aren’t Tetley! It’s not all about the tea though – I keep a bottle of their facial oil on my bedside table (along with L’Occitane Immortelle Reset – a match made in heaven btw) for when I get in late and can’t be bothered with any kind of routine other than getting into bed as fast as possible! I know it’s unusual, but the majority of my skin care takes place in the kitchen or sitting room so they’re my last chance to moisturise before sleep!

Tea & Tonic Festive Gifts

They’ve got some lovely small gifts including their gorgeous Meadow’s Secret cleansing balm which comes in the tiny heart shaped tin and costs £12 – a lovely stocking filler. The Halen Mon Inviting Sleep Bath Salts in a small jar costs £16.50 and it’s a two-shot affair.

Tea & Tonic Festive Gifts

However, I’d like to point you to the Wellness Tea Discovery Box which at £10 (including a £5 voucher for any further tea purchases or subscriptions) is the sort of thing you can give to almost anyone (including yourself!). I’m such a fan of these teas – White Mint High Spirits in particular – because they’re more than just tea. Adaptogen herbs (best described as compounds that can help your body respond to stress or fatigue and contribute to your overall wellbeing) are growing in popularity and credibility. Since my rendez-vous with Covid, I’m glad to put things into my body that do something more than just quench thirst. The box includes 2 x English Breakfast Bright Awakening, 2 x Golden Milk Inviting Sleep, 2 x Ginger Tumeric Tonic, 2 x Earl Grey Saving Grace and 2 x White Tea High Spirits bags. All the bags are fully compostable and a full size box of bags costs £16 HERE.

Tea & Tonic Festive Gifts

I just think a warming winter cuppa is the nicest of things and without wishing to overshare but I am actually going to overshare, real tea (aka Tetley) makes me pee too much. I certainly can’t have one before I go to bed – I’d be up and down all night! I saw a specialist about this very thing and he said cut out all caffeine because it’s a bladder irritant (especially Diet Coke, apparently, and also alcohol) and your problem will be solved. I didn’t cut it out but make sure all my caffeine has been taken by mid-day and it has helped a lot. Obviously, my alcohol is not taken by mid-day. Imagine! Anyway, I love this for the small gifts that everyone needs a secret stash of to be enjoyed by oneself if the emergency gift doesn’t occur. You can find them HERE.

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