Taking Control of Our Careers

In this episode of #TheOutspoken I reveal that almost 70% of the 603 of you that I polled on my Instagram feel trapped in a career that you don’t enjoy any more and want to get out of a rut. This seems linked in particular to Covid and having a chance to reflect on what really matters to you.

I take the poll as a starting point to get some great tips from two women who really know their stuff when it comes to owning and enjoying your career.

My first chat is with Emma Louise Boynton who is

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Later I catch up with Sarah Townsend who is the author of Survival Skills for Freelancers and shares her tips not only for freelance life (if that’s a route you want to take) but also for working from home effectively and happily.

I hope that this episode helps you start to make the changes that you want to take and also connects you with some people who might be able to help.

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