Surprising Science and Innovative Ingredients

*This Episode Is In Partnership With Avon*

In this episode I get to know Avon like I never have before. For most of my life I have thought of them as a company that give women amazing opportunities and are renowned for their makeup, but little did I know that they have been at the forefront of some of the biggest skincare innovations in the beauty industry.

During the episode I get to know Autumn Duckworth, Avon’s Head of Category, who gives an amazing insight into all the work that they

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I then interview Anthony Gonzalez who is their Head of Skincare Product Development. He tells me about the incredible focus on science that they have and then goes into depth about their brand new (and truly excellent) product Anew Renewal Power Serum which contains patented ingredient Protinol.

After a brilliantly nerdy chat about the science behind the product, we hear from some of the Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panellists who give their honest reviews of the product. (We sent it out to 100 panellists and 95% absolutely love it).

I have so enjoyed delving into the world of Avon. It has been a real education for me and my perception has definitely shifted to seeing them as a serious and truly innovative skincare brand.

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