Sharon McGlinchey – The Skincare Rebel With A Cause

*This episode is in partnership with MV Skintherapy*

In this episode I get to know the truly brilliant Sharon McGlinchey. Sharon is a celebrated celebrity facialist and founder of the fantastic skincare brand MV Skintherapy.

During the episode Sharon and I talk about her journey in skincare and why she has always been passionate about healing and caring for the skin whilst being one of the true rebels in the industry. We then explore how she started MV and why her strong moral compass and

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After a great chat with Sharon we hear from some of the Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panellists who have been testing MV Skintherapy products for the last couple of months. They give their honest reviews.

This is a great episode with a truly inspiring woman. If you fancy finding out more about Sharon and the MV Skintherapy range then check out

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