Outspoken Beauty X Dermalogica: Keeping You Safe

In this special episode in partnership with Dermalogica, the amazing Sally Penford joins me to reassure us about how safe it is to have beauty treatments right now.

The people at Dermalogica became so frustrated at the beauty industry not being able to reopen that they got to work and formulated the Clean Touch Certification to allow beauty therapists to learn exactly how to run their businesses in a way that is Covid safe. Since then more than 30,000 aestheticians world wide (the

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After a good old chin wag about her pet hen Barbara that has me in stitches, Sally talks us through the lengths that therapists are going to to keep us safe and we also chat about how vital the power of touch can be for our mental health. Later on one of the members of the Outspoken Community Trialling Panel talks honestly about her experience of a Clean Touch Facial. (If you’d like to join the panel and trial and review products and treatments for free please email me [email protected])

If you’d like to find your local Dermalogica aesthetician either for a treatment or a free skin consultation in house or via Zoom then you can find them by following this link:


I really recommend their free face mapping service If you’re confused about what your skin needs right now and need some direction.

I hope you enjoy this episode and that if you’ve been feeling a bit anxious about getting a treatment that it puts your mind at ease xx

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