Welcome to the first episode of a brand news series, celebrating and helping you discover small, independent beauty brands.

The series is in partnership with amazing Indie Beauty Wholesale Marketplace Curate (curate-beauty.com). Founders Sam Freedman, Margot Vitale and I are really excited to take you on a voyage of discovery, introducing you to some exceptional brands, founders and products. There is so much happening on the Indie beauty scene but sadly these small businesses don’t always

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In this episode we get to know Joanna Ryglewicz, the founder of the most incredible skincare brand called Oio Lab. Her journey from lawyer to skincare founder is so inspiring and her passion for combining botanicals with hardcore science is fascinating. Having tried her products I can tell you that they are utterly beautiful and super effective. If you’d like to try them after the episode, Joanna would like to give you 20% off. Just use code OUTSPOKEN for all products on oiolab.com (my personal fav is the 7 Wonders Facial Oil)

Next we meet Minal Bhanshali, founder of one of the most extraordinary candle brands I have come across. 7 Over 7 candles are not only beautiful in the usual sense, but Minal has created them to represent our 7 chakras and wants us to use them to aid us with relaxation, inspiration and more mindful living. Minal tells us the story of why she left the PR world for a more purposeful life and how the inspiration for 7 Over 7 came about.
Minal has offered us 25% off all 7 Over 7 purchases, valid until 31st December 2020. Just use code OUTSPOKEN77. (I adore the Grounding Woods Candle but you can find one to suit your needs and character on the website)
Look out for meditation and flow state workshops that Minal will be hosting in partnership with floral engineers Blooming Haus, throughout the festive season
You can also sign up to the 7 Over 7 newsletter and follow the brand on Instagram @live7over7 for a regular dose of wellbeing and meditation advice and support.

I hope you enjoy this month’s episode and make some incredible discoveries. If you’d like to join the Outspoken Community Trialling Panel and give your honest thoughts on products then drop me an email [email protected].

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