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The New Moon in Sagittarius 2022

The New Moon in Sagittarius falls on Wednesday 23rd November 2022 with the Sun at 1 Sagittarius and Moon at 1 Sagittarius. I’ll take a look at your solar chart and natal chart here, to see how it works out for you.

daily sagittarius 300x300 - New Moon in Sagittarius 2022The Sagittarius Weather

The Sagittarius weather sweeps through your horoscope when the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in the sign of the archer. This occurs from November 23rd until December 6th, so it’s about a fortnight of intense focus on one area of your chart, and your life. How is your Sun Sign affected?

How Is Your Sign Affected?

Expect a new beginning with significant obstacles as the Sagittarius transits will clash with Mars, Ceres, Jupiter and Neptune on the way through. Those squares and oppositions will clearly show you who or what you cannot square. Who or what is opposing you. And it’s in relation to this:

Aries: Foreigners, foreign countries, the web, academia, publishing.
Taurus: Other people’s money, property, business interests or stake in a charity; other people’s possessions.
Gemini: Your husband or wife; boyfriend or girlfriend; professional partner. Your enemy or opponent.
Cancer: Your lifestyle, workload and daily routine. The dog or cat. Your health, wellbeing and mental health.
Leo: Your godchildren and younger relatives. Sons and daughters. The generation gap. Courtship and sex.
Virgo: Your house or apartment. Your land or other residence. The family or household. Town and country.
Libra: Neighbours, your town, brothers and sisters, cousins, commuting and short journeys, web and media.
Scorpio: Your personal income and life budget; your values; what you will or will not sell out for.
Sagittarius: Your image, persona, reputation, profile, personal appearance and internet hologram self.
Capricorn: Religion, spirituality, dreams, hypnosis, Tarot, mediumship, counselling, self-help.
Aquarius: Friends and groups, Twitter, clubs, societies teams, your social life.
Pisces: Your career, status, ambition, position, mission, unpaid work or academic career.

Sagittarius Wikimedia - New Moon in Sagittarius 2022Sagittarius in Your Natal Chart

If you have anything in Sagittarius in your natal chart it will pull sharp focus on: foreigners, foreign countries, publishing, the worldwide web and/or academia. The ‘what’ of the story depends on what you have in Sagittarius. Your library on this website can fill you in. If you have a stellium there (and you are a Premium Member) pick up Modern Astrology 2050 (free with membership) and read about it, and also the impact of the New Moon.

Whatever is in Sagittarius in the Ninth House is an obstacle course for a short time. It’s over quite quickly, once the very last transit leaves Sagittarius, and that’s the Sun bowing out on Wednesday 21st December.

The New Moon in Sagittarius

The New Moon is personal if you have anything at 0, 1, 2 Sagittarius in your natal chart. You may emigrate, welcome a migrant, sign a deal overseas, take a foreign language class, launch a multilingual website and so on.

Most of you won’t! Yet the New Moon is still a new beginning. Allow a day either side, but on Wednesday 23rd November there will be a page one, chapter one in your life in the area above (related to your Sun Sign) or concerning who or what is foreign to you, if you do have Sagittarius factors.

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