My Random Favorites From May 2021 – Beyoutiful Beauty

I haven’t worn a lot of makeup lately, so this post will be an eclectic mix of lots of other things! Let’s dive into my favorites lately:

NOW Solutions Vitamin C & Acai Berry Purifying Toner

NOW Solutions Vitamin C & Acai Berry Purifying Toner

First of all, this smells downright heavenly. Secondly, I feel like it helps my skin feel cleaner and more even. I use it morning and night, and I really love it. Simple and effective!

The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalene

The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalene

I got this to try after I ran out of my bottle of hyaluronic acid, and I really like it! It has a very different texture than the hyaluronic acid, but it’s not oily and it absorbs really quickly in the skin. I use this morning and night after I cleanse and tone my face, and I feel like it helps my face feel more hydrated and plump right away. I’ve tried a bunch of different products from The Ordinary before, but this is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Pacifica Clean Shot Retinoid + Bakuchiol 3% In Seawater

Pacifica Clean Shot Retinoid + Bakuchiol 3% In Seawater

I’ve discussed my deep love for Pacifica products before, and this is no exception. I use this serum every night, and I swear it’s made my skin look and feel so much better very quickly. I apply it after the squalene mentioned above, and then I put on my eye cream and moisturizer afterwards. My skin hasn’t looked this good in a really long time, so I highly recommend this! They have other serums in this same line if you’re looking for other skincare benefits, so just go check out Pacifica because they’re the BEST.

COSRX Pimple Patch Set

COSRX Pimple Patch Set

These are the best pimple patches, oh my gosh! I tried the Mighty Patch by Hero Cosmetics, but I just wasn’t that impressed by them. These are definitely my favorites because you get 90 for $19 in this set, and they come in a few different sizes depending on what you need. I’ve seen a very noticeable difference in the size and redness of my pimples the morning after wearing these, so I highly recommend these if you’re looking for some patches!

Kate Spade New York Eau de Parfum

Kate Spade New York Eau de Parfum

I got a sample of this at work, and omg it smells so damn good. I haven’t tried or gotten a new perfume in a really long time, but I’m glad I got this one because it smells very fresh and floraly without having any musk in it (I really hate musk). Since it’s a sample and we’ve been out of the bigger sizes in store, I’ve been using it sparingly, but I really love it so much. I think it’s a great spring/summer fragrance!

App: Balance

First of all, the app is currently offering a free one-year subscription for both Android and Apple users, and I highly recommend it! This post isn’t sponsored; I just truly love the range of meditations they offer with customizations based on your skill level and other questions it asks you. I always feel more relaxed after listening to the meditations on there, and I love the voices on the recordings. I don’t even know if I’ve ever recommended an app on here before, but I absolutely love this one. Go check it out!

My Inner Sky by Mari Andrew. One of my favorites!

Book: My Inner Sky: On Embracing Day, Night, and All the Times in Between by Mari Andrew

This book captured my attention right away and didn’t let go. It’s a collection of essays and illustrations, but I’d say it’s basically a very personal memoir. I feel like I learned so much about Mari and myself while reading this, and she has a way with words that really, really sticks with you. The cover and the other illustrations throughout the book are just beautiful, and they pair with her words so wonderfully. It’s not a flowery, overly positive book, though; she’s open and honest about many things in her life, and it was so refreshing to see her perspective on so many different things. I’ve only read a handful of books so far this year, and this is by far one of my favorites.

Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck. One of my new favorites!

Card Deck: Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck

This is my newest deck I’ve acquired, and even though I’ve only used it once, I already love it so much. It features 58 different goddesses of various origins with beautiful artwork and simple yet powerful messages to accompany each of the cards. Just looking at the box or the deck itself makes me feel happy and joyous, and when I pulled cards for myself from it, I felt very empowered by the messaging. I can’t wait to start using this in readings with clients!

Movie: Captain Marvel

I’ve been working my way through the Marvel cinematic universe in timeline order, and this is by far my favorite so far. I’ve heard from other people that this was not very well liked, but I loved it! There was a female protagonist, it was mainly set in the 90s, there was a Blockbuster and a “cat.” What else could you want?! The other movies are just so obviously male-centric, so it was nice to see a superhero movie focus on a bad-ass woman who can kick ass.

Playlist: Musicals

I made this playlist forever ago with my favorite songs from various musicals, and I’ve been listening to it so much again lately. It’s got songs from Wicked, Dream Girls, Moulin Rouge, Enchanted, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, That Thing You Do!, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Legally Blonde: The Musical and many more. Check it out if you’re a fan of musicals, too, to see if your favorites made the cut.

Podcast: Duped: The Dark Side of Online Business

This was a limited-series podcast, so the first season is over now, but omg it was so good and I binged it so fast. Dr. Michelle Mazur and Maggie Patterson are the hosts who tackled so many different topics in nine episodes including the differences between influencers and experts, the bait and switch technique many online businesses use these days, the over-used tropes of making seven-figures with passive income and more. I learned so much listening to this podcast, and it’s helped me think very differently about my own business and businesses/people I support and follow on social media. Whether you own a business or not, this podcast is just straight fire. Go check it out now!

TV Show: Criminal Minds

This show is one of my husband’s favorites, and I finally started to watch it for the first time a few months ago! I’ve been slowly but surely working on it, and I’m almost done with season six right now. It’s been getting more intense, but I’ve been assured that this isn’t even close to as intense as it gets yet. I’ve become so immersed in the characters and crazy stories, and I have no idea what’s going to happen as the seasons roll on, but I’m excited to find out!

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