Let’s Talk Vulvas and Vaginas

**This is a special episode is in partnership with Deodoc **

A few months ago I was introduced to Hasti and Hedieh Asadi who are the brains behind Deodoc. When they told me about their brand (all products are aimed at our vulvas and vaginas and have been formulated SO brilliantly) and also their aim to ignite open conversations and educate us about our intimate areas, I was fascinated. Once I had actually tried their products, fascination turned to excitement…they were incredible.

In this

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I hope you enjoy and get loads out of this intimate and outspoken episode.

If you do fancy buying something from Deodoc (the intimate wash is AMAZING and I love their shaving kit) then head to their website deodoc.com and use the code Nicola20 for 20% off everything. This is valid from 6th September until 19th September 2020.

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