Let’s Talk About Bladder Weakness

The Outspoken Podcast is YOUR podcast and is the place where you can voice your opinions, thoughts and get your voice heard. I choose the topics based on what you tell me you’d like to hear and this week, due to popular demand we’re talking about bladder weakess.

During the episode I hear from Ferne McCann who is on a mission to open the bladder weakness conversation and show us how many of us suffer from it. She talks openly about her own bladder issues and how she is dealing with them.

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Then I hear from Annie who has suffered with bladder weakness all her life and recently had surgery to help. She voices the embarrassment she used to feel and how she hid it from even her family.

If there’s one thing I have taken from this episode it’s how many of us suffer from this and that we should never be ashamed to open up and also seek help. It’s so normal!
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