Gifts for Coworkers at Every Price Point

At Coveteur, we’re always brainstorming new ideas and encouraging self-expression, so as we plan ahead for the holiday season, we’re highlighting how we’d do that with our staff.

A few of our colleagues keep it casual, while I’ve been known to wear gala attire to a 3pm client meeting. So, our styles and go-to gifts present a multitude of different tastes and price points to consider when searching for what to buy for any work crew. Below, what we’re adding to our carts for our co-workers (and maybe ourselves, too).

For our Marketing Coordinator:

Sam has mastered the art of multitasking so she needs a multifaceted bag. She’s also always wearing the classics: think blazers, booties, and chic gold chains. She’s got great taste, and we’re all here for it.

For our International Business Development Director:

While we might be in different time zones now, we’re always on “the same page.” Sasha has been taking a few late night virtual meetings that call for chic pajamas, or at least loungewear and knits. Luckily, she’ll never see the rhinestones coming!

For our Publisher:

Whether she’s working from home or rushing into an IRL meeting, she’s rarely seen without a statement lip. So, we’ll lean into lip sets for her work bag and candles for her home office. Rumor has it she’s about to purchase the Perlee piece or Tiffany Lock bangle of her dreams too.

For our Executive Beauty Director:

No one rocks an arm party like Patricia does. At work, we always bond over her cool nail designs and stacked bracelets, so she probably needs a few gifts to help her carry those trends into 2023. Enter: Opi’s Holiday Advent Calendar and an epic pair of bangles.

For our Associate Partnerships Manager:

She carries tarot cards in her work bag–but you’d never know it. Amanda needs a “Good Fortune” perfume set and a few exceptional lucky charms. Did we mention she also loves to dress up after work?

For our Partnerships Manager:

We have no idea how Caroline gets it all done in 24 hours. So, we might have to capture her heroism with a time stamped feature, which calls for a chic new minimalistic watch. She’s also a bride-to-be which means she’s likely always slightly stressed. Enter: spa nights on repeat.

For our Affiliate Coordinator:

Our in-house shopping expert just told us about a versatile JW Pei Bag that was crafted from recycled plastic bottles–so, she probably needs it. Leigh also stacks the chicest diamond pieces to complete a casual look. We might all have to copy her.

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