FOREO LUNA 4 review: The customizable silicone facial cleansing brush

I’ve always loved washing my face. The earliest evening routine I remember is the one that I established in high school, where fruity scrubs gave me a sense of power over clogged pores or stressful afternoons. Years later, I’ve dated and divorced almost a hundred different cleansers. Like goldilocks, I found that none of them were ever just right for clarifying, mattifying, hydrating, and anti-aging, all at once. For a while, I thought a 3-step cleansing program was the answer, but that proved to be a bit too drying for me. Then I realized that it might not be the number of products in my routine that were the challenge, but the method in which I was using them. So, I recently overhauled my skincare routine with the best facial cleansing device on the market, the FOREO LUNA 4.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been using the LUNA 4 by the Swedish wellness brand FOREO as part of my nighttime cleansing routine and new morning facial massage ritual. I’m already so hooked that I couldn’t imagine going a day without it. (This holiday season, I’ll also be traveling with its smaller twin, the LUNA 4 go.)

I have combination skin, which usually means that I have to apply hydrating serums or creams only to top them with mattifying powders just to feign an effortless look. I’ve tried acidic exfoliants, facial scrubs, and retinol, but I always felt like my pores were too clogged to really reap the benefits of any second step. Enter: The FOREO LUNA 4. This award-winning tech offers the most personalized cleansing and skin maintenance experience, even for those with combination skin types. It has also single-handedly primed my skin for better absorption of those powerful products, so I no longer have to wonder if they’re actually working their magic.

Not to mention, the pistachio silicone skin savior adds the perfect pop of color to my vanity. Seeing the LUNA 4 on display every day reminds me to take time for self-care and self-improvement—starting with the 60 seconds or so it takes to properly cleanse or massage my skin.

What is the FOREO LUNA 4?

The FOREO LUNA 4 is an Award-Winning 2-in-1 smart facial cleansing & firming device made of ultra-hygienic silicone. Immediately upon arrival of the device, I downloaded the Foreo app to better understand the functionality. Not to mention that it already came super-charged and ready-to-go.

Almost immediately, I loved how a simple part of my skincare routine would sync up with my phone. Honestly, I’m all for embracing technology vs. fighting technology when it comes to self-care. When a cleansing routine is interconnected through an app like this, there’s a natural ease of use and additional accountability that keeps me hooked on a new routine. That said, when I need a break from screen-time, it’s great to use the Foreo manually with ease, too. It’s possible to use the Foreo Luna 4 solely with the touch of a button—the app complements the device only when I want it to.

Within seconds, I selected “Combination” skin type on the app and immediately synched the device for a guided 60-second gentle cleansing ritual. From there, I was hooked. The pulsating powerful, yet gentle bacteria-resistant silicone bristles and guided step-by-step countdown cleansed my skin of what felt like months of build-up. The best part? Unlike a harsh exfoliant or oil-stripping mask, the LUNA 4 left my skin smooth, hydrated and primed to absorb retinol, vitamin c, and all of my power products. I’m now part of the 98% of users to report better absorption of skincare products too.

Cleansing with the Luna 4

First, the LUNA 4 offers personalized cleansing techniques that are entirely customized for your needs. There are three distinct cleansing methods: gentle, regular, or deep cleansing. The brush is made of soft silicone touchpoints that are 35x more hygienic than nylon bristles. Moreover, it is clinically proven to remove 99% of dirt, oil, and makeup residue. Did I mention that there are 16 T-Sonic intensities to choose from when cleansing or massaging products into your skin?

I had no idea that an extra 60 seconds with a handheld device like this could deliver on my ultimate goal, or that it would promise gentle but deep cleansing to achieve skin balance.

Weeks later, I’m thrilled with an all new but effortless skincare routine that is simultaneously tackling signs of aging and maintaining clarity. More than anything, I’ve noticed a change in texture, with less clogged pores plaguing my t-zone, which I credit to the deep penetration of my retinol serum made possible by my LUNA 4. I also ran my own study at-home to see the difference in skin clarity after just one use.

Above all, I’ve seen a difference in clarity and skin texture, which I credit to the deep cleansing I’m now getting with the Foreo LUNA 4. I’m already seeing fewer clogged pores in my t-zone after less than a month of use. So, below I’ve also captured the difference in remaining makeup residue after a 3-step cleansing routine (micellar water, cleansing, toning) both with and without the use of a Foreo Luna 4. The top cotton pad shows the remaining residue after an objectively thorough cleanse without the use of the device and the bottom cotton pad showcases the clean slate left with the Foreo Luna 4. It’s really amazing.

Facial Massage with the Foreo Luna 4

I’ve started using this two-in-one device two times a day: 1) for lymphatic draining with a personalized pulsating massage in the morning as I apply my vitamin c spf serum, and 2) for a deep evening cleanse. The massage options are countless: deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, reflexology and they don’t require an hour to deliver the benefits that a professional facial would. For 60 seconds each morning, I’ve been using the Lymphatic Drainage massage setting with upward, swift movements to calm away the post-sleep puffiness and reset my skin for the day ahead. I have to say that the LUNA 4 is efficient, with most treatments tailored for the girl-on-the-go like me. When it only takes 60 seconds to boost elastin and stimulate collagen, there’s really no excuse not to commit to doing it every morning.

Why I love my Foreo Luna 4

I love this customizable skincare device because it’s technologically advanced, personalized, and built to tackle multiple skincare concerns at once. The bluetooth tech ensures that I maintain accountability for my new routine and its ability to power 600 uses from a single USB charge means that there’s really never an excuse to skip a day. I’m so sold on what it’s done for my face that my next mission is to reimagine my self-care head-to-toe with the LUNA 4 Body.

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