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Do You Have Aquarius Factors?

If so, you live in your Eleventh House, for part of the time. If you have an Aquarius stellium (four, five, six or more factors) then you live in your Eleventh House for much of the time. The Eleventh House is where we find your social life, groups, friendships, people power, communities, activism, team sport, team activities (like yoga or hiking) and where we also find Twitter.

It’s where we find Zoom, which became popular when both Jupiter and Saturn landed in Aquarius in December 2020. Zoom is a good example of Aquarius in your chart, as it is about people circulating (Aquarius is an air sign) in a well-ventilated space (Covid free) and immersing themselves in a digital way. Aquarius is about mixing and mingling, but in a light, airy way.

Are You a Sun Aquarius?

If so, it really is a Happy New Year for you in 2023, as even though January and February are still barricaded, in terms of your social life, you will soon begin to hear about plans for March, which is the month everything changes. You may hear about a shared household you are invited to move into, in March, which would fit the Aquarius themes of friends and groups. You might hear about particular pubs, restaurants, bars or venues which fit UVC lighting, finally making them Covid-safe.

Welcome to a New Era With Friends

Starting on Wednesday 8th March 2023, with another big bump on Friday 24th March, if you have Aquarius factors in your birth chart, you begin a new era with friends and groups, where you will be handed power, influence and control many times until the year 2044. It will begin in a small but important way, in March 2023.

Astrology eCard AQUARIUS Happy New Year 300x213 - Do You Have Aquarius Factors?The Worst is Over in Your Social Life

If you have Aquarius factors in your Eleventh House of friends and groups, you will be pleased to hear that the barriers in your social life, and the barricades with friends, come down on Wednesday 8th March 2023. Saturn is out of Aquarius and leaves your Eleventh House that day. A heavy situation which began on Friday 18th December 2020 and got worse on 29th December 2021 is now over. 

How Saturn in Aquarius Has Unfolded

Saturn is a symbol of slow-moving situations. Of the five planets visible to the naked eye, Saturn moves slowest. In Aquarius, that means clubs, political parties, lobby groups and so on. Old friendships and new friends too; nothing moves at its normal pace when Saturn transits Aquarius and your Eleventh House of allies and people power.

Saturn Transiting Your Eleventh House

Saturn is hard, like butterscotch. It is a butterscotch colour. It has a rocky core. Your friendships, social life and group involvements have been rocky since Saturn entered your Eleventh House on Friday 18th December 2020.

The massive core of rock also contains ice. People can be icy or cold, or just cool to overtures of friendship from you, on this transit. Saturn’s famous rings consist of icy chunks, according to Stars & Planets (Ian Ridpath, DK Handbooks, London 2022). 

rings of saturn vector illustration e1533154648105 scaled 1 300x233 - Do You Have Aquarius Factors?Rings and Circles

Saturn’s rings resemble circles. As the Saturn in Aquarius cycle ends on Wednesday 8th March 2023, you will come full circle with a friend, or friends, plural. A situation in your social life which has been a vicious circle will also end. This may have been Covid. Funny how Saturn (left) looks like a head in a mask.

Because you don’t wish to become ill, or even disabled by Long Covid, you have avoided meeting new people in unsafe, indoor, group situations. It’s a vicious circle. Because you don’t meet new people, you have to go looking for other circles to join. If you do go to (say) a crowded pub without HEPA or UVC protection indoors, you can become infected and become ill. So your social life ends anyway!

That is just one example of how Saturn’s transit in Aquarius works. On this cycle it is also very common to find yourself shut out from a ‘charmed circle’ in your social life. You can feel surrounded as you try to circumnavigate society. Saturn’s rings may have had a ringleader. 

Micro-Prediction and Aquarius Timing

As your diary may be open for planning across 2023 and 2024, I have covered both years here.

Sun in Aquarius and Lunar Transits in Aquarius 2023-2024

January 21st to February 18th 2023
January 21st to February 19th 2024
New Moon 21st January 2023
Full Moon February 5th 2023
Full Moon January 25th 2024
New Moon February 9th 2024

matheus ferrero TkrRvwxjb 8 unsplash 300x200 - Do You Have Aquarius Factors?These periods in your life will shed light on what happened with particular groups and friends, back in 2021 and 2022, which were the most barricaded years (in three decades) for your social life, clubs, teams, social media, groups and so on.

The Sun will turn a powerful spotlight on the most important old and new friends, frenemies, former friends and communities, in the dates above. Check back here in a year or two and you’ll see how accurate the astrology has been.

This image from Unsplash (left) shows a particular kind of Aquarian group. Aquarius is the sign which has nothing to do with sex, but everything to do with friendship. That is why it tends to turn up in hiking or mountaineering groups, for example. Aquarius has nothing to do with money or career, either, which is why the groups exist for a common purpose; to empower friends, all together. No agenda.

Aquarius Transits For Your Planning

Mercury in Aquarius in 2023

February 13th to March 2nd 2023  cycle sees the most important news, media, internet discussion and paperwork of 2023, regarding your social life, friends and groups. Some of this will follow on from complicated relationships involving families, lovers or marriages – among friends or inside those circles. These will date from the Venus in Aquarius cycle, just before: January 4th to 27th 2023.

The End of Saturn in Aquarius on March 7th 2023

Saturn Aquarius is over on  March 7th 2023 and the barriers and barricades collapse. Pluto in Aquarius takes over from March 24th 2023 to June 11th 2023 when dominating, forceful, people will join or rejoin groups you belong to. A friend may gain a powerful new position or role, and begin to take over. You will quickly realise that there is a game of musical chairs in a political party, rock band, environmental organisation, children’s charity or similar – and choose a chair. 

Pluto in Aquarius resumes from January 22nd 2024

Pluto in Aquarius then resumes from January 22nd to September 2nd 2024 and again from November 20th 2024 to March 9th 2043, so you are in for the long haul with groups and friends, and the new power trends, until the final sign-off on  September 2nd 2043 to January 19th 2044.

Your Part in New Movements and Trends

As you can see in this look at Pluto in Aquarius in history, every major movement and trend, from the rebellion against the Romans by Boudicca, to the new female power of Queen Elizabeth I, began on this cycle. What will you join or start? 

Main Image: Marvin Meyer, Unplash. 

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