Bryony and Nicola – Resetting With Our Mums and Aromatherapy Associates

*This episode is in partnership with Aromatherapy Associates*

In this episode Bryony Blake and I are joined by our gorgeous mums Francesca and Louise for a very special chat about how we reset ourselves.

Aromatherapy Associates are doing a lot around resetting and how their amazing oils can help change your mood/state of mind for the better and the four of us take this theme and explore how we have reset ourselves at major times in our lives as well as the little things we do that help

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Later on we go through our very favourite Aromatherapy Associates products and how they help us to reset. All four of us have been fans of the brand for many years and we have some great tips for you.

After our chat I catch up with Christina who is the head of education at Aromatherapy Associates. She tells me the fascinating history of the brand and what makes their oils so incredibly special.

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