Brendan Fraser Apologizes For “George Of The Jungle” Scene

Last week, Brendan Fraser attended a screening of his new film The Whale at the Mill Valley Film Festival (which takes place just outside San Fransisco).

While accepting the Tribute Award after the screening, Fraser took the time to apologize to the city of San Fransisco for something that happened 25 years ago while filming a little movie called George of the Jungle.

During his acceptance speech he said, “I want to make a quick apology. A couple years back I did a film called George of the Jungle. So at one part in George of the Jungle, George is going to rescue a parachutist who has become entangled on the Golden Gate Bridge*.”

He continues, “My trailer was next to the Golden Gate Bridge, [and I was] watching while there was a … parachutist and a mannequin dangling from it. And I wasn’t the only one stopping to watch it. All the traffic on both sides of the bridge was stopped to rubber neck for that because they took it seriously.”

But here comes my favorite detail of the whole story. “I know they took it seriously,” he said, “because I happened to be watching Oprah at the time. They interrupted Oprah to report that a man had become entangled in a parachute on the Golden Gate Bridge.”

But he promised he’s learned the error of his ways, saying, “So, that said — my bad. Won’t happen again.”

You can watch a clip of his speech here, thanks to Twitter user @daina_scarf:

While accepting the Tribute Award from the Mill Valley Film Festival, Brendan Fraser apologizes to Bay Area crowd for George of the Jungle shoot. #brendanfraser #mvff45 #thewhale #darrenaronofsky

@daina_scarf / Via Twitter: @daina_scarf

And before you go, here’s a lil’ GIF from George of the Jungle, lest we forget.

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