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What Astrology Reveals About Nuclear Power

I’ve had quite a few questions from readers in Ukraine and her neighbouring countries about the risk of Vladimir Putin launching a nuclear attack.

President Joe Biden has warned that the world is in the most danger it’s been since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 16th-29th October 1962.

This excellent Vox clip on the Cuban Missile Crisis has had several million views.

Using this astrology chart and the charts for Hiroshima and Nagasaki we can identify common factors for nuclear danger and – what should stay unthinkable – attack.

The Cuban Missile Crisis chart is below, showing the beginning of the United States and Russia clash, when America deployed missiles in Italy and Turkey – and Russia did the same in Cuba.

How Power and Pluto Show Nuclear Risk

In 1930 Pluto was discovered, in the same year that scientists began taking the road to nuclear bombs with early experiments From 1939 the race would be on between Germany and America for an Armageddon weapon.

There are 34 chart factors in modern astrology (this software is from AstroGold) and yet, just one stands out for nuclear questions. Pluto. In mythology he ruled the afterlife.

When the crisis began in 1962 Pluto was at 11 Virgo exactly quincunx Proserpina at 11 Aquarius. In a moment I will look at the common factors here with Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The zodiac sign Aquarius, which rules large groups of allies – or firm friendships between nations – and also Pluto himself.

Pluto in Aquarius March 2023

We are heading for Pluto in Aquarius as I write this, beginning in March 2023, and he will eventually pass over 11 Aquarius, where the world must deal with the realities of NATO and the United Nations.

It takes us some years to arrive there, but March 2023 is the beginning of the reality check about nuclear allies. The whole point of astrology is prevention; Pluto’s slow passage over the positions of Diana, Saturn, the South Node, Proserpina and Aesculapius in Aquarius, starting with a bump in March next year (I am writing this in October 2022) has to be tracked, remembering the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 and what the world learned about the U.N.


Cuban Missile Crisis - Astrology and Nuclear Power


Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Again, we find Pluto is the problem in the charts for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In the Hiroshima chart, Pluto is at 9 Leo in an exact conjunction with Panacea at 9 Leo. Nagasaki shows the same conjunction, days later, one degree on. Pluto and Panacea in a conjunction at 10 Leo. Panacea is just what you might expect. A symbol of a remedy, cure or fix – that is not.

The common thread with all three charts is Pluto making exact aspects – and difficult aspects involving Aquarius.  It’s been said in the past that the glyph for Pluto looks like a mushroom cloud. In fact, it’s one way students remember him.

Pluto and the United Nations

The massive challenge of Pluto in Aquarius – not experienced in our lifetime – is to reform the United Nations. The arrival of Pluto in the sign of universal brotherhood and sisterhood is also an opportunity, to do just that.

What happens in March 2023 will open the gate to the new nuclear reality and the urgent need to transform the United Nations. That’s the astrology. It just so happens that we have a generation of young adults born with Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, who are here to do just that. They were raised on J.K.Rowling and Teletubbies and are not like any other humans on the planet. When Pluto slowly triggers their charts, their Aquarian personalities will dominate all our lives. And they believe in pooling resources and sharing the space; not nuclear game-playing.

Hiroshima Panacea 1024x788 - Astrology and Nuclear Power


Nagasaki Panacea 1024x788 - Astrology and Nuclear Power

Why Pluto is Nuclear Level Power

Looking at two other crucial charts, we find Pluto showing his hand again. The chart for Chernobyl and also for the Trinity Nuclear Weapon detonation, are below. Chernobyl shows Pluto at 5 Scorpio. He is exactly sextile Neptune at 5 Capricorn. The Sun is tied into the pattern at 5 Taurus. It took Pluto 248+ years to come around to this position, 5 Scorpio. Neptune also takes a long time to arrive at 5 Capricorn. The Sun moves much faster, but timed the crisis.

Casting your eyes down at the chart for Trinity you will see Pluto at 9 Leo. Venus is at 9 Gemini. The North Node is at 9 Cancer. The South Node is at 9 Capricorn. It takes Pluto 248+ years as we know, to land at 9 Leo. It takes the lunar nodes around 19 years to end up at 9 Capricorn. Another historic couple of quite rare charts.

Pluto at 10, 11 Aquarius

We’re not going to get through Pluto in Aquarius without historic reminders of Chernobyl (when he moves to 20, 21 Aquarius) and Trinity (at 10, 15 Aquarius). Similarly, thinking about the charts above, Pluto will trigger Aquarius at 3, 4, 5, 11, 24 in the case of the Cuban Missile Crisis chart – and 5, 11 Aquarius in the charts for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Of all these charts, the spot around 10-11 degrees of Aquarius turns up most. Pluto’s spot there is years into the future as I write this on a perfectly calm, sunny day in Tasmania on 17th October 2022. Yet, what we seem to be looking at here, is the most relentless, intense, pressured situation – for tomorrow’s new voters and politicians – who all carry an Aquarius chart signature and who will be required to step up to the challenge of making the United Nations truly international and united.

The key to Aquarian tolerance is – resources. There have to be enough to go around. There has to be plenty of room to move. That is rather a different planet that we’re looking at, then – but the other transit here, Uranus in Taurus (the world economic revolution) may well move that along. The stakes are sky high.



Chernobyl - Astrology and Nuclear Power Trinity First Detonation Nuclear Weapon - Astrology and Nuclear Power


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