7 things at home | These errors create negative energy.

1. One of the things at home is Salt

Salt is a source of energy, and in Indian history, no salt was given or sold in stores, especially after evening. It means when the sun sets, the energy source suddenly gets low due to the sunset. Therefore, salt is one of the energy sources, and it should not be given. Upon giving to other after evening, there might be chances of you may get sick or low on energy

2. Whole Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds have taken the most important place in Indian methodology. In ancient times, Indian housewives used to worship coriander seeds on the first day of Dhanteras. Also, at the time of evening, when organic candles light up on regular days, it is strictly not allowed to give coriander seeds to your neighbors.

3. Traditional Sweeper

A traditional sweeper should never be given or taken. It is never recommended. However, why? After my extensive research, I discovered that a sweeper is a device that removes dirt and cleans the house, thereby bringing energy into the home. As a result, if you give it to someone after it has been used, you are welcoming negative energy, whereas purchasing a new one is a source of positive energy.

4. Curd & buttermilk

In the 1990s, there was curd and buttermilk, and you never used to get it in the evening from neighbours or from the shops. “Why?” I was wondering. It is said that both are sources of energy after the sun’s energy is gone. Hence, it is recommended that it not be given. However, it is allowed to give only in the morning and afternoon.

Moreover, Ayurveda advises against eating curd at night since it might cause mucus to accumulate. It goes on to say that eating curd at night may result in nasal mucus formation since curd has both sweet and sour characteristics.

5. Give no money on Thursday

Thursday is considered Goddess Laxmi’s day of worship. As a result, coins, cash, and metals are also considered forms of Laxmi. Thus, the evening is the time of worship on Thursday. Giving money on Thursday is not good, and if you lend some money, quickly return it or vice versa. Things may bring bad luck for those who have given money to someone. It’s like losing Goddess Laxmi (the goddess of wealth).

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