34 Indian street food list you should try before you die

In the this Indian street food list has many foods you may or may not have tried. If you are a food lover, then this article is for you. India is a multi-cultural destination with an ancient, rich culture that many nations admire and adopt.

However, it also has a variety of food items that are loved by people around the corner. The special thing about food that India has is spices.

34 Indian street food list you may try when you visit India

34 Indian street food list you should try before you die samosa
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1/33 Samosa

A samosa, also known as a singara, is a fried pastry from South Asia with a filling of peas, onions, and spicy potatoes. Depending on the location, it may have varied shapes, such as triangles, cones, or half-moons.

34 Indian street food list you should try before you die | kachori
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2/33 Kachori

Kachori is a deep-fried sweet and sour delicacy with a spicy kick that originated on the Indian subcontinent and is popular everywhere South Asian and Indian immigrants live. This meal is served for breakfast in the morning and evening.

panipuri 34 Indian street food list you should try before you die
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3/33 Pani Puri

Pani puri is an instant food available from Maharashtrian street vendors. It is a mixer of three different foods. Puri is being served filled with potatoes smashed with spices or sometimes cooked grams inside with some snacks, and it gives an instant dip into sugary and tangent curry.

vada pav
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2/33 Vada Pav

Vadapav is one of the famous street foods in Maharashtra. It is one of the nutritious foods. It is one of the most popular foods in Maharashtra.

sweet jalebi on stainless steel bowl
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2/33 Jalebi

A common sweet treat in south and west Asia, Africa, and Mauritius is alebi. Jilapi, zelepi, jilebi, jilipi, zulbia, jerry, mushabak, z’labia, or zalabia are some of the names it goes by. It is the most common food served at middle-class marriages and other functions in India.

dhokla recipe
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2/33 Dhokla

Dhokla is a spongy food derived from overnight fermentation. It is indigenous to Gujarat, an Indian state, and several nearby states, and is well-liked across the whole nation.

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2/33 Hakka Noodles

Hakka noodles are unleavened, refined wheat noodles in Indian-Chinese cuisine. Fast food is not recommended to be consumed on a regular basis. However, high school and college students’ favorite foods

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2/33 Edli Dhosa

Edli Dhosa is a popular and popular South Indian dish that is served throughout India. Visit south India if you want the authentic taste. It is nutritious and simple to digest. It is traditionally served on a banana leaf along with coconut sauce.

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2/33 Poha

Poha is India’s famous dish is available almost everywhere in Maharashtra. It is served. It does not hold any nutritional value. However, provide calories. It is acidic in nature.

2/33 Upma

Upma is a healthy dish famous in Maharashtra, and it is served with coconut gravy. It has many nutritional values, is easy to digest, and is one of the healthiest foods eaten by all the members of the family.

2/33 Puri Bhaji

Puri bhaji is made of two things. Puri is made from wheat flour, and bhaji is a gravy mix of boiled potatoes with green peas.

2/33 Rajma rice

Rajma rice is one of the famous dishes in Punjab and Delhi. It is also considered one of the famous street foods and is served on a full plate with rice and rajma curry.

2/33 Paratha

Paratha is an instant dish, it makes with many flavours. you can have Paneer Paratha, onion paratha, Fenugreek paratha, many others like this. However, potato paratha is widely famous.

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2/33 Chole Bhatore

Chlole Bhature is a type of mini-lunch that you can get from a street vendor. It is one of the fiber-rich nutritious foods.

2/33 Misal Pav

Misal pav is a spicy dish that is usually served with sprout gravy and farsan (snacks) with two pav. It is a famous dish among Maharashtrians. Eating sprouts has real health benefits.

2/33 Dabeli

Dabeli is a vegetable mixer. It is served and packed with Bun Paav. It has pomegranate, shev, and smash potatoes. It is a famous food in MP, UP, and Maharashtra.

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2/33 Ragda Pattice / Chat

Ragda Pattice consists of two things: Ragada is a mixer of boiled and mashed peas. and pattice is made from boiled potatoes. Ragada Pattice serves it together with a sprinkle of chopped onion and green coriander leaves.

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2/33 Utappam

The same batter used in making Utappam is used in making Edli and Dhosa. It has the same nutritional value as Edili and Dhosa do.

2/33 Sponge Dhosa

Sponge Dhosa is a part of the dhosa recipe. It is served with sambhar and coconut chatani with butter.

2/33 Bread-Omlet

A bread omelet is an easy recipe and almost one of the best foods for non-vegetarians. It is an instant food item served with two slices of bread and one omlet of two eggs

2/33 Boiled Egg

A simple serving of boiled eggs cut in half with a sprinkle of red pepper and salt, Some people use black pepper.

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2/33 Paav Bhaji

Paav Bhaji is made up of two paav and bhaji (semi-gravy vegetable mix).

2/33 Maggi

It is an instant noodle and one of the most popular foods among children. Maggi is a popular brand of quick soups, noodles, and spices that has its roots in Switzerland from the late 19th century.

2/33 Half Fry

It is a worldwide food that almost 60% of the world’s population loves. It has nutritional value, including vitamin B12. It is serves with two bread slices

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2/33 Thali Peeth

A mixture of pulses is the Maharashtrians’ favorite food. It is a very nutritious and healthy food that people eat for breakfast.

2/33 Manchurian

A group of Indian Chinese cuisines known as “Manchurian” are prepared by roughly cutting and deep-frying items including chicken, cauliflower, prawns, fish, mutton, and paneer before sautéing them in a soy sauce-flavored sauce.

2/33 Egg rice

A quick, easy, and healthy recipe is egg rice. Even though it is only made with common household items, it tastes amazing and tasty. The egg fried rice dish is simple, quick, and straightforward to prepare in the manner of a restaurant.

2/33 Fried Rice

On the other hand, fried rice is best for non-vegetarians. In India, left-over rice mostly gets fried and served with breakfast.

2/33 Veg Sandwitch

You can prepare a quick mixed veggie sandwich in under 15 minutes for breakfast or an evening snack. It is a wholesome, nutrient-dense, quick, and cool meal.

2/33 Momos

Momo, or momos, are little dumplings of Nepalese roots that are formed with a scoop of filling and dough. Momo are often steamed, although they can occasionally be fried or steam-fried. As an intensely flavorful broth is produced and sealed inside the wrappers, the meat or vegetable contents become luscious.

2/33 Bun Maska bun Pav

You only need fresh pav or buns, fresh cream, and white butter to make maska bun pavs. Making the Bun Maska, a butter-cream concoction, after roasting the pavs.

I hope you will enjoy this delicious list of 34 Indian street food list when you visit India.

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